Mechatronics - IoT

PROLEXIA designs and manufactures intelligent, connected mechatronic equipment, particularly for measuring environmental data.


REDBOX is a piece of equipment that measures the quality and health of a lawn using several physical values such as NDVI, cover and surface temperature. It is also capable of taking images of the surface for disease detection.


The RTA Sensor (Rotational Traction Athlete Sensor) measures rotational torsional force (relative to torque) as a function of angle at high frequency. Mounted on an LWrr chassis, it is the world's first measuring device for the new 2023 rotational strength test in FIFA's quality program.


The CLEGG HAMMER or Soil Impact Tester measures the hardness of a surface to reduce the risk of injury, particularly on soccer and rugby pitches. The device strictly follows the ASTM F1702 standard.


The AUTO CLEGG HAMMER equipment is an automatic version of the CLEGG HAMMER installed on the RED ROBIN robot to autonomously measure the hardness of a sports field at a large number of points.

Release device

The release device (REDDROP) coupled to the LABOSPORT ARENA application enables a mass such as a soccer or basketball to be released from the application or from a trigger. It is used to measure surface rebound.


LABOSPORT ARENA is the smartphone application for managing measurement campaigns carried out on sports fields using equipment developed by PROLEXIA (REDBOX, REDDROP and CLEGG HAMMER).

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