Tourism & Entertainment

The company PROLEXIA offers services of study and realization

  • Serious Games (educational video games)
  • a virtual visit application in 3D
  • visit applications in augmented reality

in order to value a cultural or touristic heritage or even your museum collection.

The solutions are available on :

  • Computer
  • Virtual reality headsets
  • Digital tablets and smartphones
  • Internet
  • Touch terminals


Dans le cadre du projet Neptune, la société PROLEXIA a mis à disposition 5 bornes interactives sur 5 sites pilotes qui exécutent une application d’information sur les activités subaquatiques et le patrimoine culturel sous-marin de la région Sud développé par PROLEXIA.

La Seyne's Former Shipyards

Augmented & Virtual Reality Visit of the Mediterranean Former Shipyards.


The Nautic project was carried out for the convention of the same name which took place at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from December 5 to 13, 2019 and consists of viewing 360 videos in virtual reality enhanced with elements in augmented reality.


FitStation is a 3D module allowing the user to create outdoor exercise stations developed by PROLEXIA for the company FitPark®, which specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor fitness equipment.


TAULO 360 is a project funded by the region and developed by PROLEXIA. The project goal is to test the feasibility and reliability of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in order to offer a unique experience to mainstream users and to serve as a decision-making tool, driving and navigation help for professionals.


PROLEXIA developed a mobile application for Azoth Systems interfacing with the Azoth sensor, allowing the diver to personalize his snorkeling procedures by taking into account the microbubbles detected in his venous system after the dive.

Deep-sea Mission

Deep-sea Mission is a Serious Game developed for the CCSTI by PROLEXIA as part of a co-production with Universciences, the "Cité de la mer de Cherbourg", Ifremer and Cap Sciences. This game allows the visitor to discover the technologies used for deep-sea exploration, but also biology, microbiology and underwater geology through 3 scenarios featuring missions by Ifremer scientists.


SEATCHER is a project launched by PROLEXIA in response to the call for projects e-Education launched as part of the support of "Investissements d'avenir". "SEATCHER-the game" is a serious game, that is to say an edutainment game, developed within the framework of this project.
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