Simulation & Serious Game

Simulation and Serious Games represent the historical activity of PROLEXIA for Defense, Security and Educational fields.
  • Model and simulate future systems to help design
  • Assess the feasibility of a mission or its reliability before executing real ones
  • Develop test bed simulators for designing systems through the reduction of the number of actual tests with lower risk and cheaper experimentation
  • Present future products
  • Train pilots and operators in a virtual environment
  • Provide an educational tool by creating a system to understand the behavior of vehicles and by using it in a virtual environment
Features :
  • Realistic rendering system (using GPGPU)
  • Physical behavior models
  • Immersive mode, Multi-touch support (tablets) or natural interfaces (Kinect)
  • Game play generator, Educational content generator
  • Web integration


THALIA - the acronym of « Artificial Tunnel Boring Machine Initiation and Deepening» - is a software allowing to simulate the piloting of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) of Earth Pressure Type (EPB), mud pressure (Slurry) or Variable Density (VD) with an educational goal for training future pilots.


The SimuSLAMF workshop is an architecture simulation tool for the Future Anti-Mines System. Developed for the DGA, its purpose is to prototype and study the performance of the anti-mines missions.

Space Nostrum

Space Nostrum is a R&D project led by Thales Alenia Space to demonstrate the technical feasability of a dedicated maritime surveillance satellite constellation enabled by a new large swath radar sensor embedding fusion with high performing Sat.AIS. The demonstration software has been made using the Advansys MMS simulation and visualisation platform developed by PROLEXIA.

Advansys MMS

The Advansys MMS tool allows you to program, survey, simulate and analyze a mission that has been put into place with one or several types of autonomous vehicles such as AUVs, USVs, UGVs, or UAVs.

OCEAN 2020

PROLEXIA is part of the OCEAN2020 consortium made up of 42 partners from which 15 countries are represented. All those entities are involved in Maritime Defense domain and are aware that the defense of the European Union is based on reliable sea control. 


FitStation is a 3D module allowing the user to create outdoor exercise stations developed by PROLEXIA for the company FitPark®, which specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor fitness equipment.


PROLEXIA developed a mobile application for Azoth Systems interfacing with the Azoth sensor, allowing the diver to personalize his snorkeling procedures by taking into account the microbubbles detected in his venous system after the dive.

Maintenance of electrical cabinet

PROLEXIA carried out with the Advansys Web tool, a simulation of electrical cabinet maintenance in virtual reality.

Deep-sea Mission

Deep-sea Mission is a Serious Game developed for the CCSTI by PROLEXIA as part of a co-production with Universciences, the "Cité de la mer de Cherbourg", Ifremer and Cap Sciences. This game allows the visitor to discover the technologies used for deep-sea exploration, but also biology, microbiology and underwater geology through 3 scenarios featuring missions by Ifremer scientists.


SEATCHER is a project launched by PROLEXIA in response to the call for projects e-Education launched as part of the support of "Investissements d'avenir". "SEATCHER-the game" is a serious game, that is to say an edutainment game, developed within the framework of this project.

Future Frigate

Future Frigate, "FF" is a simulator of a Future Frigate deck project requested by DCNS and it consists of developing a 3D simulation platform modeling the configuration of a frigate, all its equipment as well as the environment in which it evolves.


NavLab is a project requested by DCNS about uniting 2 demonstration platforms - DEMOSTEN (Fight system) and SEA KEEPER (former FDS3) - into one unique inter-weapon simulator.


SimuSorter's purpose is to model and simulate a parcel sorting center to assess its performances.
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