Defense & Security

PROLEXIA a développé de multiples compétences dans le domaine de la défense, en particulier dans le domaine de la robotique et de la simulation.


SimCineSM is a tool used to analyse the circumstances which had led to an incident on board of an SNA or SNLE sub-marine. This tool has been developed for the DGA.

Future Frigate

Future Frigate, "FF" is a simulator of a Future Frigate deck project requested by DCNS and it consists of developing a 3D simulation platform modeling the configuration of a frigate, all its equipment as well as the environment in which it evolves.


The SimuSLAMF workshop is an architecture simulation tool for the Future Anti-Mines System. Developed for the DGA, its purpose is to prototype and study the performance of the anti-mines missions.

OCEAN 2020

PROLEXIA is part of the OCEAN2020 consortium made up of 42 partners from which 15 countries are represented. All those entities are involved in Maritime Defense domain and are aware that the defense of the European Union is based on reliable sea control. 

Ensosp demonstrator

The Ensosp demonstrator is a demonstration of a fire hose manipulation in virtual reality produced by PROLEXIA with the AdvansysWeb tool for Ensosp, the national higher school for fire officers.


IOVAS (Interface Opérateur pour Véhicule Autonome Sous-marin) is a mission preparation and supervision tool developed for the GESMA (2005 – 2013). It uses the environment data from the METOC Guide (SHOM data).


NavLab is a project requested by DCNS about uniting 2 demonstration platforms - DEMOSTEN (Fight system) and SEA KEEPER (former FDS3) - into one unique inter-weapon simulator.


The DockAUV tool allows to program, supervise, simulate and analyse a mission using an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and its Docking station. The purpose is to handle those missions with AUV used for zones or environment surveillance missions or for maintenance tasks.


The MUSOT project is a traffic simulation and supervision carried out with our tool : Advansys MMS.
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