Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

In order to give end-users a better assistance to pilot, to visualize the environment, PROLEXIA develops for the automotive, airspace and naval industry innovative software tools based on Advansys platform to visualize landscapes with augmented reality. We add real time information and visuals to aid the driver or operator to navigate through difficult and challenging situations. We use terrain mapping to provide information such as, but not limited to :
  • Landscape Data:
    • Main towns, POI, summits
    • Digital Elevation Model
    • Superimposed 3D models
    • Tracks and trajectories (Ships, Planes)
  • Piloting helps:
    • Distance from target, obstacles etc.
    • Area: forbidden, mission
    • Events
    • Landmarks
    • Obstacles
    • Targets…
  • Piloting parameters:
    • Altitude or Depth
    • Attitude (yaw, pitch, roll, heading)
    • Speed
    • Distance to ground


Dans le cadre du projet Neptune, la société PROLEXIA a mis à disposition 5 bornes interactives sur 5 sites pilotes qui exécutent une application d’information sur les activités subaquatiques et le patrimoine culturel sous-marin de la région Sud développé par PROLEXIA.


Le projet Nautic a été réalisé pour le salon du même nom s’étant déroulé au Paris Expo Porte de Versailles du 5 au 13 décembre 2019 et consiste en une visualisation de vidéos 360 en réalité virtuelle agrémentée d’éléments en réalité augmentée.

La Seyne's Former Shipyards

Augmented & Virtual Reality Visit of the Mediterranean Former Shipyards.


TAULO 360 is a project funded by the region and developed by PROLEXIA. The project goal is to test the feasibility and reliability of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in order to offer a unique experience to mainstream users and to serve as a decision-making tool, driving and navigation help for professionals.

Maintenance of electrical cabinet

PROLEXIA carried out with the Advansys Web tool, a simulation of electrical cabinet maintenance in virtual reality for the SONOVISION company.

Ensosp demonstrator

The Ensosp demonstrator is a demonstration of a fire hose manipulation in virtual reality produced by PROLEXIA with the AdvansysWeb tool for Ensosp, the national higher school for fire officers.


PHRASE is a RAPID (Support Scheme for Duale Innovation) project requested by the DGA. The purpose of this project is to create an innovative augmented reality hardware and software platform that responds to the problems of helping pilots, aids navigation and decision support in several activity domains.

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