TAULO 360 is a project funded by the region and developed by PROLEXIA. The project goal is to test the feasibility and reliability of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in order to offer a unique experience to mainstream users and to serve as a decision-making tool, driving and navigation help for professionals.

The demonstrations allow users to discover the environment as well as the contemporary and historical cultural and industrial heritage of a site using an innovative product based on augmented reality and telepresence. All kinds of information and objects over the real or filmed image of the landscape are embedded in real time, in order to guide, inform, help decision, teach, describe the points of interests found in the environment visited.

During this project we were therefore able to create tools allowing to play 360 videos, realized an augmented reality demonstrator on the Mont Faron route and added the elements in augmented reality in our tools allowing us for example to execute a scenario of drone in AR.

Nos partenaires et soutiens pour TAULO 360:

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