SimCineSM is a tool used to analyse the circumstances which had led to an incident on board of an SNA or SNLE sub-marine. This tool has been developed for the DGA.

Based on the Advansys3D engine, that tool allows the loading of real data, then the concrete representation of those data into a system's state history, and finally the display of the system's evolution in 3D with different perspectives. The trajectory, the altitude, the rudder movements and the drifts are applied to the 3D model of the sub-marine.

The simulation engine is at the service of a proofreading of an archive, which contains the state of the system for each recorded step simulation. The archive contains also specific data (SYCODO or SAE type) and speech pathways. This application uses a sub-part of the simulation engine called Advansys, which allows to replay and interpolate a variable state, a sub-system state or the entire system state. The interpolation enables the control of the replay speed and ensure the render fluidity. Some more evolved calculation functions also allow to add information to help the decision (statistical calculations, performance).

The proposed GUI is entirely integrated into the tool's 3D view. The 3D interface is animated et some functionalities are available via interactive and ergonomics menus. A chart editor enables to insert and manipulate (move in time, zoom) the historic curb of the system variables.

The 3D render is delegated to the Advansys3D engine, which have advanced 3D effects : shaders, caustics, particles, reflections and atmospheric light scattering.

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