The SimuSLAMF workshop is an architecture simulation tool for the Future Anti-Mines System. Developed for the DGA, its purpose is to prototype and study the performance of the anti-mines missions. The workshop has a development module which allows the conception of new models (missions, ships, USV, AUV…) without external tools :
  • Diagram Editor
  • Code Editor
  • Edit of a vehicle specifications via an adaptive form
The workshop has also various tools which enables to prepare the scenarios :
  • Environment Editor
  • Actions' Architecture Editor
  • Mission Planning Tools
Those tools also allow to follow the progress of the scenario simulation. The workshop offers a module which realises experience plans from a scenario to evaluate the impact of the modifications of architectural specifications. The workshop also proposes a module which replays a scenario simulation exploits the simulation data with some tools :
  • Report
  • Gantt's Diagram
  • Charts...
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