THALIA - the acronym of « Artificial Tunnel Boring Machine Initiation and Deepening» - is a software allowing to simulate the piloting of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) of Earth Pressure Type (EPB), mud pressure (Slurry) or Variable Density (VD) with an educational goal for training future pilots.

This simulator developed by PROLEXIA at the request of BOUYGUES Travaux Publics reproduces the physical behavior of the TBM faced with a set of predefined situations (scenarios) and analyzes the system data at the end of the excavation to assess the pilot's capabilities. It also integrates a scenario editor allowing to create new exercises by precisely configuring the technical characteristics of the machine, by defining a geological section and by integrating the appearance of events such as an arrival of water linked to the presence of a fault in the ground for example.

This simulator can be controlled by a physical console, also developed by PROLEXIA, similar to the control station present in a real TBM. It can also be operated by a touch interface for easier deployment.

THALIA integrates a simulation of all the physical behaviors of the TBM, in terms of solid mechanics (forces, torques and use related to interactions with the ground during excavation and the thrust system), fluid mechanics (material exchange, sludge extraction), industrial hydraulics (marinating circuit) and automatic ( mortar and admixture injection control system, trajectory control).

Many scenarios have already been carried out by BOUYGUES Travaux Publics using the integrated editor in order to reproduce situations such as geological variations, support control, screw blocking, blockage, etc.

This software is used for all training and evaluation of BYTP teams, but also for training partner teams in the context of the work of The Grand Paris.


The Thalia simulator can also be coupled with a real-time 3D visualization to better understand the operation of the TBM.

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