SEATCHER is a project launched by PROLEXIA in response to the call for projects e-Education launched as part of the support of "Investissements d'avenir". "SEATCHER-the game" is a serious game, that is to say an edutainment game, developed within the framework of this project.

This game allows the student to discover the fundamentals of Technology, Physics and Life Science through an underwater exploration mission. This mission, divided into 6 scenarios, invites the student to design his own exploration machine in a first scenario specified for a course of technology and then to use it in Physics and Life Science to discover concepts such as Physical quantities such as weight and pressure, chemical species such as ions, geological formations such as hydrothermal vents, etc.

In order to co-exist scientific truth, pedagogy and adequacy with the curriculum, the scientific content was defined with the help of Ifremer, and experiments were carried out with establishments of the "Académie de Nice".

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