Mission planning

Dedicated to all users who want to efficiently prepare and program the mission of their robots, PROLEXIA’s Mission Planning and Simulation capabilities represent the next generation in comprehensive and user-friendly mission planning. Using PROLEXIA’s Advansys technology, clients using our software can now :
  • Give operational experience in order to facilitate the implementation of the XXV or swarms of XXV to perform complex and collaborative missions
  • Provide 2D/3D Mission Planning Tools in order to optimize the required resources
  • Perform Multi-Tasks / Multi-vehicles / Multi-phases operations
  • Conduct Mission Feasibility Simulations to validate performances before mobilizing resources, decrease costs and enhance reliability
  • Control and supervise Missions, Vehicle’s states, Payloads and Sensors to embrace all the missions parameters easier
  • Use a post-mission analysis tool to review missions in details, to prepare data processing and to improve the experience feedback
  • Provide last generation of Human-Machine interface such as 3D and multi-touch devices for a more immersive and easier experience


The Advansys MMS tool allows you to program, survey, simulate and analyze a mission that has been put into place with one or several types of autonomous vehicles such as AUVs, USVs, UGVs, or UAVs.

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